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Developer: Anon Submoon

Apparatus is a vintage design studio application. Create amazing photos by adding effect, symbol,rainbow,universe, light leaks,flag,bokeh, textures, photo filters, adjustments, and much more to your photos - while using one of the most beautiful and simplest interfaces your life.

Amazing light & vintage symbol & vintage filter : Over features unique, vintage symbol and original, eye-catching artwork

 Use uniquely made adjustment tools to enhance your images to perfection with ease.

300+ real light Textures -
Tons of light leaks,rainbow,universe,bokeh,flag gritty and grainy film textures, dusty vintage film scans, tasteful grunge, and perfectly tuned gradients.

200+ vintage symbol -
Apparatus has an attractive symbol is divided into five categories. animal,people,vintage,dream,indie,feather

Change your ordinary photos with amazing lighting and decorated with beautiful symbols with Apparatus